108 W. Capitol Dr. (Hartland, WI.)

Website: Axis Recording Studios (formerly Millevolte Studios)

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Directions: From Interstate 94, Take the exit for Highway 83 (the Hartland/Wales Exit). Take Highway 83 (north) into Hartland. Take a right onto W. Capitol Dr. The former Millevolte Studio will be at the intersection of W. Capitol Dr., and Cottonwood Ave. (rigt across from the Hartland Inn).

Now the home of Village Graphics Inc., the building that sits at 108 W. Capitol Dr. in Hartland, was once the home of Millevolte Recording Studio. In September of 2003, owner Vinnie Millevolte moved the studio to West Allis, and renamed it, Axis Recording Studio.

  • Witnesses have heard strange noises, such as creaking doors and footfalls on the
    stairs, when no one else is around.

  • During a recording session, the sound of a heartbeat was heard on one of the tracks. Problem was, no one in the studio (alive that is), was making the sound.

  • Vinnie Millevolte, believed that there was more than one spirit haunting his former studio. However, it was the spirit he named "Harvey" (after the invisible rabbit in the Jimmy Stewart movie of the same name), who seemed to be the most active.
    According to Millevolte, Harvey and the other spirits seemed to show up more often, when there were a larger number of people in the studio, but would get "bored and leave", if their
    presence wasn't scaring anyone.

    Where did the spirits come from? Millevolte thought they may have followed him from his old studio in Milwaukee. Another explanation could be location. Location. Location.
    The former recording studio is located a short distance from the Hartland Village Cemetery (the distance of about three city blocks), and literally across the street from another
    local haunt, Max Meier's Hartland Inn.

    Whatever the reason for their being there, the spirits of the former Millevolte Studio, have made a place for themselves in recording history. I have come across many a website, that lists the recording of the "phantom heartbeat", that day in Millevolte Studio, as one of the strangest events in Rock history.