700 East Grove St. (Oconomowoc, WI.)

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Directions: From Highway 16, take E. Wisconsin Ave. into Oconomowoc. Turn right on N. Walnut St., this will evntually become N. Oakwood Ave. Turn right on E. Grove St. This will
lead directly to LaBelle Cemetery.

Oconomowoc's first cemetery was created in the early half of 1851, and sat in area off of Walnut St. (near Wisconsin Ave.).

In 1864, with the city's population growing, the Oconomowoc Cemetery Association decided that a new location for the city's cemetery needed to be found.

The decision was made to put the new cemetery along the banks of Lake Fowler, and with that, La Belle Cemetery was born.

Remains from the first cemetery, were reinterred at La Belle, and ever since that time, with it's "hilly" landscape, and unique gravestones, La Belle remains one of the most scenic cemeteries in Waukesha County.

  • Equipment malfunctions (the wooded area near the Lapham St. entrance).

  • Feelings of dred or uneasiness (especially when crossing the E. Grove St. bridge into
    the cemetery, and around the Kohl family vault).

  • Crypt doors that open on their own.

  • The majority of activity at La Belle Cemetery seems to be focused around a statue of a young girl, which stands in front of a tall stone cross, overlooking Fowler Lake. The statue marks the final resting place of the Nathusius family. Activity associated with the statue includes:

  • Witnesses have claimed to have seen the spirit of a woman detach herself from the statue and walk into Fowler Lake (as if to drown herself). Some have called the woman the "Anchor Lady" because they claim that the woman carries an anchor (chained to one of her feet), with her, as she
    lowers herself into the lake.

  • Equipment malfunctions (everything from cameras to cars).

  • Cold spots around the statue.

  • Some witnesses have claimed that they have seen blood drip from the statues hands.

  • Photo anomolies.

  • Physical illness. Even cases of blindness.

  • Of the four people buried in the Nathusius plot, two are females. The mother, Louise Nathusius (1832-1917), and daughter, Carolina Nathusius (1865-1952). Neither one was young at the time of their deaths.
    The Nathusius family did have two other daughters, that did die at an early age. Anna died in 1862 (she was 2 years old), and Minnie, who died in 1886 (at 27 years old). Both were buried in Dodge County.
    It is rumored that the statue at LaBelle, is actually supposed to be that of Minnie.

    Another theory, is that the young woman who is seen drowning herself, was not a member of the Nathusius family, but a woman called "Mary" (unknown if that was her real name).
    Mary killed herself by jumping off the bridge that leads into LaBelle Cemetery (from
    East Grove St.), and into Fowler Lake.

    ...LaBelle Cemetery Entrance

    The Nathusius Monument

    ....(:44) Brief view of the Nathusis Monument

    The Nathusius monument was erected in the 1940's. It is an original sculpture done by an Italian artist, who was living in Vermont, at the time.

    Today, some visitors to the Nathusius gravesite, leave pennies in the hands of the young woman who stands in mournful vigil over the Nathusius family.