I'm not professional, but I play one on the internet.

Truth is, I'm very much the amateur, but I love local ghost stories. What's more, I like to research the stories (when possible), and then visit the sites, themselves.

What follows, is a collection of areas I have visited, that are considered to be haunted in one way or another. I have included photos, and sometimes videos (videos are done to get a better "feel" for the area. If any activity does occur, I will mention it beforehand), for each site.

None of the stories I have posted, or will post, were made up by me. My main source(s) for each location, are at the end of each story. If there is any wrong information I have given, please let me know.

Remember, if you decide to visit any of these locations that I have mentioned, then have some respect for both the living and the dead. Don't trespass. Don't violate local ordinances, and always remember, VANDALISM IS JUST STUPID!!!

Counties in yellow, have at least one story to them (I hope to be constantly updating
this site with added locations).

Choose a county, & enjoy the ride.

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