Weary Road (East of Evansville, WI.)

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Directions: Take Highway 14 (east)out of Evansville. Take a right on N. Tuttle Road, then take another right on W. Weary Road. The bridge is at the end of the road, before turning north. The railroad crossing are towards the end of the road (about a 1/2 mile before reaching Highway 14).

In it's hauntings, Weary Road is a culmination of three areas: The road, the bridge, and the railroad crossing. I've decided to deal with each one seperately.

Weary Road is a quiet country road (barely two lanes), to the east of Evansville. What makes it unique is the canopy of trees that line the west end of the road (W. Weary Rd.), giving it an errie cathedral-like feel. After passing the trees, you will come to narrow bridge, then immediately after that, there will be a 90 degree turn north. From there on, it's a seies of zigs and zags. Over the railroad tracks, where Weary Road will eventually merge with Highway 14.

  • Phantom cars and motorcycles have been seen.

  • Dark figures have been seen moving across the road, even following people
    as they walk alongside the road.

  • Stange Orbs of light.

  • A mysterious "green glow" at the end of the road (near the bridge).

  • Screams and other "inhuman-type" sounds.

  • Small creatures (like "Imps") living in the trees.

  • Visitors to Weary Road have claimed to have been scratched on different parts of their body.

  • It is said, that you have to visit Weary Road at least 3 times, before Mr. Weary will appear to you.

  • For all the activity that goes on, on Weary Road, there is no known reason for it.

    ....Weary Road in winter.

    ....(:18) Weary Road

  • If you park your car on the bridge at night, it won't start back up again.

  • One theory, is that there was a group of teenagers joyriding on Weary Road. At the bridge, they lost control of their car, and crashed into the water below, killing most if not all of them.

    Another story, has a boy was "car surfing". When the car crossed the bridge, and made the sharp right turn, the boy fell off the roof of the car, and died.

    A completely different story, is that a young man hung himself or
    was hung (aka "lynched") on the bridge.

    ....The Weary Road Bridge.

    ....(:14) The Weary Road Bridge.

  • A phantom train has been seen traveling down these tracks .

  • Unknown.

    ....The Railroad Tracks. Looking East. Looking West.

    ....(:18) Railroad tracks on the north end of Weary Road.

    Weary road is one of those places where there are so many different stories, it's hard to seperate fact from fiction. Lewis Weary (whom the road is named after), has been labeled everything from a pedophile, to child murderer, to innocent victim of vigilante justice, but what is the truth?

    The truth is, that Lewis Weary was by all accounts, a kind-hearted man who led an average life (1839-1918), on his farm outside of Evansville.

    Does this help explain why Weary Road is said to be one of the most haunted places in Wisconsin? No, but perhaps it does help us to look for other clues that might explain why Weary Road is haunted.

    ....Weary Road's Namesake-Lewis Weary