S. Nelson Rd. (township of Avon, WI.)

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Directions: Take Highway 11 south, from Broadhead. Turn left on Highway 81 east. Take a right on S. Nelson Road. After passing W. Carrol Rd. (on the left), you will come to a small bridge that crosses over the Sugar River. A few feet before you reach the bridge, you will see a small path (on the left-hand side), that goes back into the woods. According to sources, this path will lead to Hell's Playground.
The bad news is, it's at least a 2 mile hike.

Located southeast of Avon, the area in question, is right next to the Sugar River,
and Sugar River (County) Park.

  • Disembodied sounds of children playing.

  • Playground equipment moving on it's own (with no visible source).

  • Growling noises.

  • According to legend, an adult (possibly the father), and two children were murdered at the playground. It is believed that it is their spirit, that haunts the grounds.

    Beware of the slide, it is supposed to be the most haunted spot of the playground (the story is, that one of the children were killed on it).

    As for the growling sound? Well, believe it or not, there have been reports of werewolves in this part of the state. Now whether you believe in werewolves or not, is entirely up to you.

    ....Rocks that block the path's entrance. ....Entrance into the woods.

    Many websites list Hell's Playground as being in Broadhead. I took my information from the website Strange U.S.A, where (supposed) people from the area, are familiar with the site.

    Although it does seem odd that there would be a playground out in the middle of nowhere, Sugar River Park is on the other side of the bridge, and may encompass the playground. Posters to the website, say that the rocks were placed at the entrance to the path, to prevent teenagers from driving to the site and doing naughty things.