Highway 78 (Blanchardville, WI).

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Directions: From Blanchardville, take Highway 78 south. About 3-5 miles out of town, you'll pass
Kainz Road on the left, and as you go down the hill (still on Highway 78),
the school will be on the left-hand side.

Just south of Blanchardville on Highway 78, there sits a small schoolhouse. Long abandon by time, the red brick building has not seen a student in several years. As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for the yard being taken care of, it probably wouldn't have any human contact at all.

Even as old as this building is, it wasn't the first school at this location. Before the brick school, there was a wooden frame school that sat here. Some have even said that the frame building was a replacement for a log cabin schoolhouse, that was here in the early 1800's.

  • Early in the morning (before dawn), witnesses have reported seeing a dim light coming from inside the school (this was before the windows were boarded up). After seeing the light, as if by routine, smoke is seen coming from the chimney.

  • Old-time piano music & Christmas carols have been heard coming from the school.

  • The sound of an old (handle) water pump being used, has been heard.

  • For a rural school, the luxary of a full-time teacher, was rare. It was not uncommon for a teacher to "make the rounds", as it were. Visiting one school for a certain amount of time (a week, a month, etc.), and then move on to another school in the area, and then, do the same thing there. Eventually, the teacher would return to the first school, and start the process all over again.

    This might explain why the sightings outside of Blanchardville, seem to follow a pattern. Incidents will go on for several days. stop for a length of time, and then start up again.

    In my opinion, because the pattern of behavior, the haunting of the schoolhouse
    on Highway 78, might be that of a residual haunt.