1907 29th Ave. (Monroe, WI).

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Directions: (On the northside of Monroe) Take Highway 11/81 south. Turn right on Highway KK. Turn left on Highway K. From Highway K, take a right on 18th St. 18th St. will cut between Calvary Cemetery on the right, and Greenwood Cemetery on the left.

Greenwood Cemetery is a decent sized cemetery on the southeastern side of Monroe.

  • A "white iridescent figure", has been seen moving amongst the gravestones
    (near the front gate of the cemetery).

  • When walking through the older section of the cemetery (near the center of the cemetery grounds), some witnesses have claimed to experience a severe feeling of dred,
    or despair, that they can't explain.

  • Unknown for sure...One possible reason for the strange occurences, might be found in the city's history.

    In 1844, Monroe's first cemetery, was started on a patch of land, near the center of town (today this piece of land houses the Monroe Senior Center--1113 10th St.). The land was considered prime real-estate at the time, and in 1909, the decision was made to exhume all of the bodies from the old cemetery,
    and rebury them in Greenwood Cemetery.

    Because cemetery records were poor, at best in the early and mid 1800's, and remembering the cases of Resurrection Cemetery, and Orton Park, in Madison (grave markers and remains so badly deteriorated, that the deceased couldn't be identified), I wonder if this same situation didn't occur at Greenwood, on June 10th, 1910 (the date the bodies were exhumed and reburied at Greenwood)? Is there a mass "unmarked" grave in Greenwood that holds the remains of those pioneers that couldn't be identified from the original cemetery? It's bad enough to be disturbed from your eternal rest in the name of progress, but to then, go through the rest of time as an unknown, in an unmarked grave, might be too much for some spirits to take. Could that be the reason there are restless spirits
    roaming the grounds of Greenwood Cemetery?

    Sounds like a good enough reason to me.