1202 Northport Drive (Madison, WI.)

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Directions: In Madison, take Northport Drive west. Pass Warner Field. The former
sanatorium will be on your right-hand side.

Tuberculosis is a chronic bacterial infection, that passes through the air, and attacks the lungs (sometimes, it will attack other internal organs, as well). Patients with an "active" form of tuberculosis, may feel: weak, loss of appetite, fever, chest pains, night sweats, a persistant cough and may even cough up blood.

Prior to the mid 1940's, patients stricken with this disease, were placed in hospitals called "Sanatoriums". Madison's own sanatorium, was located on the northeast side of town, and was called Lakeview Sanatorium (now the Northport office of Dane County Human Services).

From 1930-1966, The Lakeview Sanatorium treated the more severe cases of tuberculosis with fresh air, nutritional meals, and lots of rest (which was the common treatment for the disease, at that time).

After around 1943, with the advent of new medications, there were fewer and fewer patients suffering from tuberculosis, and with that, the need for sanatoriums dwindled.

Lakeview Sanatorium was sold to the County, as office space, and the 48 acres of woodland behind the hospital, were turned into what is now called Lakeview Woods (with an additional 5 acres going to conservation). The hill itself (near the watertower) is one of the highest spots in the county (at 1017 ft.).

It is believed that it isn't the former hospital that is haunted, but the woods and cemetery
that sit behind it, that give off a very negative (some say evil) energy.

  • Low toned voices have been heard in the woods, and cemetery.

  • Visitors have been slapped, and had their hair pulled.

  • In the cemetery, there are reports of cold breezes (with no source), and
    strange mist formations that show up in photographs.

  • Some people believe that because of it's location (a tall hill, near water), the spirits might be those of Native Americans, who may have used this area for religious ceremonies, or burials.

    Another thought, is that the activity in the woods, and cemetery, are a result of the many deaths that occured at Lakeview Sanatorium during it's 36 years of operation.

    I'm not sure how many people died at Lakeview, or of those that did pass, how many are buried in the small cemetery next to the Lakeview Woods. I have heard the rumors that there were bodies taken from Lakeview, to a small crematorium that sat in the middle of the woods.

    I found the foundation of a building, near the center of the woods (pic below). I have no idea what the building was used for. It is possible that it could have been used as a crematorium, then again, it could have been used as a storage shed for lawn equipment.

    ....Lakeview Sanatorium in 1936

    ....LakeView Woods

    ....Unknown foundation in the middle of the woods.

    ....The cemetery next to LakeView Woods.