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2400 E. Geneva St. (Delavan, WI.)

Website: Lake Lawn Resort

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Directions: Take Highway 50 (east) out of Delavan. Pass Interstate 43.
After N. Shore Dr., take the next right turn.

Lake Lawn Resort was built in 1878, as a home for circus personnel, who were "wintering" in the Delavan area.

Even before the resort was built, circus' were using this area as a place to hold up for the long winter months (complete with all their animals, wagons, etc.).

The fact that the north shore of Lake delavan has always been a popular place, can be traced back as far as 1,000 B.C., when Native Americans once inhabited the land. Proof of this, can be found in the number of burial mounds that still exist on the Lake Lawn Resort property.

  • The ghosts of Native Americans in "old-time" dress have been seen (either shadowy, or crystal clear), wandering on the golf course area.

  • The ghosts of former circus workers have been seen (either shadowy, or crystal clear), wandering on the golf course area.

  • The sound of an elephant "trumpeting" has been heard coming from the lake.

  • The spirits that walk the grounds of the Lake Lawn Resort could be the result of a residual haunting. I think that could at least explain the appearance of the Circus Workers.

    The Native American spirits, could also be residual, or they may be there, as a result of all the burial mounds that were (and the many that still are), on the Lake Lawn property.

    The sound of the elephant "trumpeting" could again, be a residule effect, or as some believe,
    it's the sound of the Indian elephant, "Juliet".
    Juliet died in the winter of 1864. Since the ground at the time was frozen solid, Juliet's body was dragged out onto the surface of frozen Lake Delavan, and then left there. Once the ice melted, her body sank to the bottom of the lake (to this day, fishermen are still bringing up elephant bones from the lake's bottom). Maybe her spirit is still letting eveyone know that she's still there.