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Site: Fulton Cemetery

Date & Time: 1/6/09 2:30pm-3:30pm

Weather: Cloudy. (Temp. in the high 20's)

On the afternoon of 1/6/09, I visited Fulton Cemetery. From the lack of footprints in the snow, I could tell that I was the first person to visit the cemetery in a few days.

As I started up a small slope, the sight of a small statue of a child baseball player peering at me over the snow bank, gave me a brief shock, which I was able to quickly recover from.

My sojurn around the cemetery was fairly uneventful, until I returned back to the child baseball statue, to shoot some video, with my camera. Now, even though my camera is far from the greatest camera in the world, I tried to do some EVP work with it. I said my name, and then asked if there was anybody who wanted to speak to me. As I started to walk away from the statue, my camera shut off, and would not turn back on (I knew it wasn't bad batteries, because I had just opened them earlier that day). When I returned to my car, I noticed that my cell phone was also dead, even though I had fully charged it the night before.

I was able to get my camera working again, once I was on the driveway out of the cemetery (took the battery cap off and back on again). My cell phone battery remained dead till I charged it back up again.

Weather could have been a factor in my camera freezing up (no pun intended). Although the day was cloudy, it was in the high 20's (not too bad for a Wisconsin winter), and I have used my camera on colder days without any problem.

It was probably nothing, but then again...