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400 Oconto Ave. Peshtigo, WI.

Website: Peshtigo Fire Museum

Website: History Of The Peshtigo Fire

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Directions: Take U.S. Hwy. 41 North to Peshtigo. From Hwy. 41 (which turns into French Street), turn left at Ellis Avenue, one block before the traffic light. The cemetery & museum are straight ahead, on the corner of Ellis and Oconto Avenue

Before a firestorm erased the town of Peshtigo from the map, on the night of October 8th, 1871, this piece of land belonged to, and was used as a cemetery by, the Congregational Church Of Peshtigo.

After the events of that horrible night, the Congregational Church agreed to open up their cemetery to any victims of the fire.

While some bodies could be identified, a large number of the bodies were so badly burnt, that identifying them was impossible. Because of this, a mass grave was dug, and the remains of at least 350 men, women, and children were laid to rest in the small church cemetery.

But have all the victims of the Peshtigo Fire, found rest?

  • Red glowing figures have been seen inside the cemetery gates.

  • Spirits have been seen walking the street in front of the cemetery
    grounds, as well as haunting neighborhood houses.

  • A thick "blue" fog is said to emanate from the cemetery, and blanket the area.

  • ....The Mass Grave Marker

    ...The State Historical Marker

    As would be expected, there have been reports of several different spirits haunting Peshtigo. One particular spirit haunts the harbor area of the town, and is described as having an "unholy coloration". Some photos taken in the area, are said to show "red" orbs, & not the traditional "white" orbs.

    While there is no "offical" death toll (census records for the area, were very "sketchy"), it is believed anywhere from 1200-2500 people lost their lives in the fire that ravished northeast Wisconsin.

    Other Statistics Of The 1871 fire:

    12 Towns were destroyed.

    1.5 million Acres were burned.

    1875 sq. miles of forest was burned.