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204 N. 8th St. (Manitowoc, WI.)

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Directions: From I-43, take the #149 Exit (Hwy. 151). Stay on Highway 151 through town(it will change names from Calumet Ave. to Washington St.). Take a left on S. 8th St.. After crossing the bridge, Manitowoc Place will be 2 blocks up, and on the left-hand side.

In 1927, the building now known as Manitowoc Place, was opened to the public, as the "Hotel Manitowoc". Over the years, the names of the building on 204 N. 8th St. may have changed, but some people believe, that some of the guests have remained the same.

  • First Floor: People dressed in "Victorian-style clothing" have been seen, talking, laughing, and eating in the lounge area.

  • Eighth Floor: Reports of blood, on the floor and in the hallways. The spirit of a woman who killed herself, on the 8th floor, can sometimes be seen. The door to the room the woman killed herself in, will not open, unless she opens it for you.

  • The Elevator: Witnesses have reported seeing the spirt of a woman (possible the same one from the eighth floor) hanging (like from a noose) inside the elevator. At the very least, it is said that the elevator acts as if it has a mind of it's own. Starting and stopping on it's own, opening on floors when nobody is around, etc.

  • One night, as employees of one of the restaurants on the main floor of the building we're closing for the night, some loud thumps were heard on the floor above (this was at a time when the upper floors, were all vacant). The employees investigated, and even though the noises continued, they couldn't see anything. The police and K-9 unit were called in, and even though the building was searched completely, no source for the odd thumping noise could be found.

  • It is believed that many deaths took place, here (both murders and suicides).

    ....Postcard for the "Hotel Manitowoc".

    Manitowoc Place is a private residence. It is only accessable to those who live there,
    or have business there. No unscheduled visitors.