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Black Hawk Island (State Natural Area #77), Juneau County (Northwest of the Wisconsin Dells)

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Directions: From the intersection of Hwys. 12 and 13 (just west of the bridge at Wisconsin Dells), go north on Hwy. 12 to the top of the hill, then turn right on County Hwy. A (changes to Hwy. N in Juneau County) for 1.5 miles to Camp Upham Woods.

The Dell House was built in 1837, on what is now called Blackhawk Island (northwest of the Wisconsin Dells).

In it's "hey day", the Dell House was a major stomping ground for rivermen who were looking to drink, gamble, and enjoy some female companionship. However, for some, "raising hell" would come at a high price, as violence and even murder were not uncommon events.

As the age of the logmen came to a close, so did the life of the Dell House. With it's clientel all but gone, the Dell House was abandoned. In 1910, a fire swept through the deserted building, and the Dell House was leveled to the ground.

  • At night, the sound of laughter, swearing, and general "rowdiness", have been
    heard coming from the remains of the Dell House.

  • Ghostly figures have been seen in the area where the Dell House once stood.

  • Violent men=Violent deaths.

    Black Hawk Island (where the remains of the Dell House are located), is owned by the University Of Wisconsin. The UW limits access to the island to only scientific and educational groups.