Paradise Road. (Jefferson, WI).

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Directions: From Jefferson, take Highway 18 east for about six miles. Take a right on Paradise Road.

Paradise Road is a small winding road, just a few miles east of the city of Jefferson.

  • Short robed figures have been seen roaming the woods.

  • Shadow Figures.

  • Bodies hanging from the trees.

  • Inhuman screams have been heard.

  • People have reported an uneasy/eerie feeling when they are on the road.

  • The sound of footsteps that seem to follow you around.

  • Motorists have witnessed a decapitated raccoon lying in the road. There is blood on the raccoon's body, but there is no blood on the road. The head is also missing.

  • According to one legend, there were three sisters that lived on or near Paradise road. The sisters were accused of witchcraft, and were all three hung from the trees.
    While this does help to explain the "dark vibe" that Paradise Road gives some visitors, it's an all too common story. Witches. Angry villagers. Mob justice. How many times have we read this before?


    ....A 10 second trip down Paradise Road.