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W985 Concord Center Dr. (Concord, WI.)

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Directions: From Interste 94, take the Highway F exit (#275-Sullivan/Ixonia). Turn right on Highways B/F, then take a left onto Concord Center Dr. The Concord House will be
on the right hand side of the road.

Is it possible for an event (or events) to take place that is so traumatic, it leaves a metaphysical scar
on an area?

The Concord House sits just south of Interstate 94, in the small village of Concord. It also sits as a witness to two of Wisconsin's most frustrating, unsolved crimes.

It started on June 5th, 1974. Catherine Sjoberg, a seventeen year old Senior at Oconomowoc High School, was at the Concord House, celebrating prom. Dressed in a light blue prom dress, "Cathy" as she was known to her friends, was last seen exiting the building, to get a breath of fresh air. She would never be seen again.

Despite countless searches, and countless suspects (At first, Cathy's boyfriend was a prime suspect, when it was discovered that the two had had a major argument on the day that Cathy disappeared. However, after passing a polygraph test, the boyfriend was ruled out as a suspect in Cathy's disapperance.), police hit a dead end, and 34 years later, the mystery of what happened to Catherine Sjoberg that June night in 1974, still remains unanswered.

Six years later, on August 9th, 1980, Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew were attending a wedding dance at the Concord House, when they disappeared.

Witnesses claimed to have seen the two nineteen-year-olds, exit the building around 11pm. When Timothy failed to show up for church the next morning, his family knew right away, that something was wrong.

When family members returned to the Concord House, they found Timothy's brown 77 Oldsmobile, still sitting in the parking lot. His wallet (containing $65.00), and checkbook, still inside.

Early searches conducted by law enforcement, family members, and volunteers, found no evidence of the missing couple's whereabouts. A wave of fear hit Jefferson County. Terrified teenagers, afraid that someone was out targeting young couples, began dating in groups.

It would only get worse.

Late in August, a truck driver traveling on County Highway B (between Concord and Farmington), found pieces of Kelly's clothing alongside the road. Days later, her purse was found on County Highway P (close to where the clothing was found previously).

The search continued for the next two months, but it was two hunters from Milwaukee that would find the missing couple.

On October 19th, 1980, the severly decomposed body of Kelly Drew was found in a field, off of Hustisford Road (between Watertown and Ixonia). Timothy Hack's body was found the next day, about a 100 feet from where Kelly's body had been discovered.

The condition of both bodies were so badly decomposed, that a cause of death could not be determined for either Timothy or Kelly.

Over the past 28 years, there have been many suspects in the murder of Timothy Hack and Kelly Drew (In 1983, a woman claimed that her former husband had belonged to a satanic cult, that was responsible for the murder of Hack and Drew, as well as the disappearance of Catherine Sjoberg. She also claimed that the cult was responsible for the murder of Jay Kelly Flom of Milwaukee in 1979, and the drowning of two-year-old Michelle Manders in 1981---In the end, the story turned out to be untrue.), but no arrests have ever been made.

What happened on that "muggy" summer night in 1980, still remains a mystery, and like the disappearance of Catherine Sjoberg, the only witnesses, are the victims, the perpetrators, and the small white building on Concord Center Drive.

  • Some people have claimed to get an unexplainable feeling of dred or despair,
    when they are on the Concord House Grounds.

  • Again, I ask, can an event occur that is so traumatic, that it leaves a metaphysical scar on an area? Could it be just bad memories that have manifested themselves into a physical condition? Could it be both?

    The graves of Timothy Hack & Kelly Drew (Hebron, WI.)