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Intersection of E. Clarence St. & S. Union St. (Dodgeville, WI.)

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Directions: From Highway 151 (coming from the east), take a right onto Highway 23, into Dodgeville (Highway 23 will become S. Iowa St). Take a right on E. Clarence St. The cemetery will be straight ahead (at the intersection of E. Clarence & S. Union St).

In 1825, settlers in the Dodgeville area, began to bury their loved ones on a patch of land, that was once an old Indian burial ground.

Settlers continued to bury their dead here, for about the next 34 years (1825-1859).

Today, the majority of people passing down S. Union St., probably even notice the grassy area where the cemetery sits. Most of the stones are gone, and there is no large sign to identify it as a cemetery, just a small stone marker that reads: "Old Church And Burying Ground 1825-1859", and while it seems like the most unlikely place, this little patch of land was believed by some, to be the cause of all of Dodgeville's woes, in those first few decades.

  • Huge trees use to border the cemetery. Before they were cut down (sometime in the 1840's), People claimed to have seen "screaming faces" in the crotches of the trees. Mutilated corpses were also seen hanging from the limbs of those same trees.

  • Heads and hands have been seen sticking up through the surface of Union St.

  • Cars parked in front of the cemetery, have been known to start rocking for no reason.
    Tires go flat, and some vehicles have actually been pushed down the Union St. hill.

  • When settlers disturbed the Indian burial ground, it was said to have put a curse on Dodgeville. Some say, this might explain the rash of diseases that ravished the area, in those first few
    decades of Dodgeville's existence.

    A large number of children died in these outbreaks, and it is believed that that's one reason why the spirits on Union St. have a more "prankish" and playful quality to them.
    It's just kids, wanting to have fun.

    ....Sidewalk where heads & hands have been seen sticking through.