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Bethlehem Road (Dodgeville, WI.)

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Directions: From Highway 151, take the Highway 18 exit into Dodgeville. Follow Highway 18 out of town for about 3 miles. After passing Couty Road CH on the left, Bethlehem Road will be the next right turn off of Highway 18. Once on Bethlehem Road, follow it until the end.
The cemetery will be on the right side.

The cemetery at the end of Bethlehem Road is not that uncommon from any other small cemetery in the area. That is, except for the noticably empty space in the middle of the cemetery where a church once stood.

What happened to the church, is not really clear, but the popular consensus is that it burned down sometime in the 1930's.

  • A female voice (either talking, screaming, or crying) has been heard coming from the cemetery.

  • The figure of a woman dressed in white (like a nightgown), has been seen kneeling in the center of the cemetery. Most of the times she is seen, she appears distraught.
    Crying, and rocking back and forth.

  • The identity of the woman in white, is said to be that of a mental patient that would often run away from the County Home, and take refuge in the church. When discovered, she would be kneeling
    in front of the pews, crying & rocking back and forth.

    It is said that she died sometime in the 1930's. Shortly after the church burned down.