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255 County Highway K (Fond du Lac, WI.)

Website: St. Mary's Springs High School

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Directions: Take Highway 23 (west) out of the city of Fond du Lac. Turn left on Highway K.
The school will be on the right side of the road.

Just outside of Fond du Lac, in area known as "the ledge" (the area is next to the Niagara Escarpment), sits the St. Mary's Springs High School.

Founded by the Sisters of St. Agnes in 1901, the property was originally intended to be used as for a sanitarium.

In 1909 the sanitarium was closed, and converted into a boarding school for girls. Boys would be allowed to enroll 30 years later, in 1939 (at this time the school was
called, St. Mary's Springs Academy).

In 1956, boarding facilities were closed.

In 1970, the school changed it's name to St. Mary's Springs High School.

Today, the school enrolls students of any faith, from grades 9-12.

Of the older buildings, Boyle Hall (which was the first building built on site), was razed in 2005. The Administration building (built in 1928), is still there, but is no longer in use.

  • Sometimes, the sound of a baby crying can be heard through the hallways.

  • According to legend, a nun had given birth to a still-born baby, in one of the building elevators. When the nun saw that the child was dead, she stabbed herself to death, with a cross. It is believed that her spirit, and the spirit of the still-born child haunts the grounds.