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900 Ridge St. Stoughton, WI.

Website: Stoughton Hospital

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Directions: From E. Main St., turn on N. Morris St. Go up 2 blocks.
The hospital will be right in front of you.

  • The ghost of a former patient, is said to haunt the patient floors of the hospital. Described as looking in his early 20's, and always wearing a hospital gown, this spirit likes to ring the Nurse Call button in unoccupied rooms.

  • A female witness, claimed she had gotten on one of the hospital elevators with what she called as a "friendly woman". The two made small talk between one another, but when the elevator stopped, and the witness went to leave, she noticed the woman she had been talking to was gone. Vanished completely. Needless to say, the thought of catching an elevator with a ghost, left the witness a little shooken up, to say the least.

  • In my opinion, I would think that hospitals would be a major area for paranormal activity. You have spirits of those who passed away too soon (like a younger person). Those who passed away suddenly (heart attack, etc.), or those that may have suffered for a long time with a terminal illness. I would think that all this different energy in one place, would have to manifest itself in some form.
    Again, that's only my opinion.