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Dyreson Road. (town of Dunn, WI.)

Website: Dyreson Road Bridge

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Directions: Take Highway 51 south of Mcfarland. Before you reach the Highway B intersection, take a left on Dyreson Road (the road will be marked with a "Wisconsin Rustic Road" sign).

Dyreson Road is a small country road that lies south of Mcfarland, in the township of Dunn.

Named one of Wisconsin's "Rustic Roads", Dyreson Road weaves north thru farm fields, before making a sharp curve to the right. Towards Lake Kegonsa. While heading east (shortly after the curve), you will come to one of the few (if not only) metal frame bridges in the area.

Originally built in 1897 (with some repairs done in 1983), it is this bridge, that seems to be the catalyst to the activity in the area.

  • Screams & crying can be heard coming from the bridge.

  • Some people have claimed to have seen cars "dangling" from the bridge, only to
    see them disappear before falling into the water below.

  • While driving on Dyreson Road, some motorists have clained to have been chased by a type of black "phantom" car. Described as an "old" looking vehicle, the phantom car is said to chase down Dyreson Road travelers in attempt to ram them from behind. When close enough to crash into the back of the frightened motorist, the car disappears.

  • Unknown.