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2975 Cave of the Mounds Road. Blue Mounds, WI.

Website: Cave Of The Mounds

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Directions: Take Highway 18/151 (about 5 miles West of Mount Horeb). Exit on Cave of the Mounds Road. The cave is about 1/2 mile north of 18/151.

Formed between one million and two million years ago, this limestone cave was discovered on August 4th, 1939, by workers trying to remove limestone from the quarry of a local farm. Once discovered, the excavation stopped, and less than a year later (May 1940), the cave was opened to the public.

In 1988, the Cave of the Mounds was designated a National Natural Landmark.

  • Shadow Figures have been seen inside the cave.

  • An intense feeling of being watched. Both inside
    the cave, and outside, on the park grounds.

  • As to why the cave is haunted, is not clear. Some theories range from Native Americans (who
    might have once lived in the cave), to the original owner of the property, Ebenezer Brigham.