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6308 Metropolitan Lane. Monona, WI.

Website: Bourbon Street Grille

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Directions: From the Beltline,take the South Towne Drive exit (towards Shopko). South Towne Drive will become W. Broadway. Turn left onto Bridge Road, then turn right onto Metropolitan Lane.

Formerly known as the Muskie Lounge & Crab House, and before that, The Four Lakes Yacht Club, the building that houses the Bourbon Street Grille, has been serving hungry patrons, for years.

  • Sound of female laughter.

  • Some employees have felt a "tapping" on their shoulders.

  • Pots and Pans have been thrown to the floor.

  • Equipment failures.

  • It is believed that a former waitress by the name of Marlene, haunts the Bourbon Street Grille.

    Marlene waitressed back when the restaurant was called The Four Lakes Yacht Club. One friday night (during her shift), Marlene suffered a heart attack, and died hours later in a local hospital.

    The phone book lists the address as "6312 Metropolitan Lane". The building number, and website, both list it as "6308 Metropolitan Lane". Just in case there is any confusion.