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24 Broadway (Wisconsin Dells, WI.)

Website: Showboat Saloon

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Directions: From I-90, take Exit #87 into Wisconsin Dells. Exit #87 will turn into Highway 13, and Highway 13 will become Broadway. The Showboat Saloon will be on the right-hand side.

The Showboat Saloon was built in 1907. Originally called the Hiawatha Bar, it was run by William and Minnie Stanton.

When Prohibition became the law of the land in 1920, the Stanton's changed their family bar, into a candy shop, which they called "Stanton's Sweet Shop" (whether the Stantons still sold alchol to it's patrons "on the sly" is not known).

When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, the Stanton's stopped selling candy, and returned to selling alchol to it's customers. The Hiawatha Bar was back in business.

Eventually the Stanton family sold the bar, and the name was changed to Captain Brady's Showboat Saloon, and although it's been around for over a hundred years, the Showboat Saloon is still serving spirits. One kind, or both.

  • In upstairs rooms, doors open and close on their own, and if you want to do some cooking in the upstairs kitchen, bring your patience with you, because whatever is up there,
    likes to play around with the appliances.

  • In the saloon area, a disembodied voice has been heard near the stage.

  • When looking in the mirrors, inside the saloon, some people have claimed to see the reflection of people dressed in "turn-of-the-century" clothing, walking along the bar.

  • In the cellar, beer kegs are moved around the room (cold spots have also been felt in the cellar).

  • Most of the "activity' seems to take place after 3am.

  • At one time a woman named "Molly" lived upstairs of the saloon. It isn't known if she had died upstairs, or not, but it's believed that she is the one haunting the Showboat Saloon.