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Intersection of N. State St. & W. Breed St. (Chilton, WI.)

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Directions: When in Chilton, take Highway 57 north. Take a left on W. Breed St. Before W. Breed St. turns into Highway F, it will intersect with N. State St. (there will be a small horse farm on the
left-hand side). This is the intersection of the sightings.

The intersection of W. Breed St. & N. State St., can be found on the northwest side of Chilton.

  • The spirit of an elderly woman, has been seen walking through the intersection. She is described as a white woman. Frail. Wearing a blue jacket, and has a "royal blue" scarf on her head.
    If you try to confront her, she'll disappear.

  • At first, the thought is that maybe this is the spirit of an elderly woman who had been killed at this intersection (either as a pedestrian, or as a driver), however, there are no records of this being the case.

    An elderly woman did die in the neighborhood of W. Breed and N. State, but if this is her, it is unclear what she's doing wandering through this particular intersection.