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1255 E. Chestnut (Chilton, WI.)

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Directions: Take Highway 151 into the city of Chilton (also called W. Main St.). Turn right on S. Madison St. (still Highway 151). At the fork in the road take Highways 32 & 57 south. This becomes Chestnut St. The former Wal-Mart will be on the right-hand side.

The former Wal-Mart which sat at 1255 E. Chestnut, in Chilton, opened it's doors in 1996.

It served the Chilton area for over ten years, until it was replaced by a Super Wal-Mart, that opened in April of 2007.

Today, the former Wal-Mart sits abandonned with two other stores, in the same lot.

  • Electronic devices would turn off & on by themselves.

  • A shadowy figure was seen walking down the aisles, & then disappearing.

  • Merchandise was removed from the shelves, & flung to the floor.

  • "Foggy mists" had been seen inside the store.

  • Cold spots.

  • Electrical systems (lights, etc.) would go "haywire".

  • Freshly mopped floors would show muddy footprints, when no one else was around to make them.

  • An intense feeling of being watched or followed.

  • It is believed that the former Wal-Mart was built on an old farmstead, complete with it's own cemetery. When the remains were removed to be reburied somewhere else, the thought is that not all of the remains were taken. It's the spirts of those that still remain, who were (or still are) haunting the Wal-Mart.